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StEPS. Day One, 2015

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Today I truly felt like I was stepping into my career.
I’m the twenty-four year old Museum Director. I love my job, the history of the local area and the opportunity to lead change as well as development. The title isn’t so fancy so I try to explain that while I serve the museum’s Board of Directors in official capacity as a director I also dust, sweep, change light bulbs and make kids crafts out of felt.
The reason I feel so particularly blessed today? It was the first session of the Connecticut StEPS program. This morning I woke up before dawn with butterflies in my stomach. This feeling of being blessed by the ability to lead this small museum/historical society is a bit of a high but I am still terribly aware that this program is not a task to underestimate. The program is designed to improve small, history-based non-profits from the inside out and will involve the staff (me) and the entire functioning Board of Directors.
A former professor put in the good word that the museum would be a candidate for STEPS-CT sometime in 2014. I wanted the audience for the museum, to have events for the museum, to get money for the museum, to develop a new exhibit for the museum and I was practically jumping up and down to get the program approved by the Board of Directors… but suddenly it’s really happening.
I have no doubt about that the StEPS-CT program will succeed, (call me a chronic optimist) but the path will not be easy, nor will I always be glowing with the light of newbie optimism. But this is here and now, and it’s wonderful.
Here is an explanation of the program from their website, “The Connecticut Humanities helps local museums and historical societies build professionalism and ensure their programs and collections remain vibrant community resources through StEPs-CT–a two-year program created with the Connecticut League of History Organizations, and run in partnership with the Connecticut Historical Society, that guides them towards excellence in six areas of organizational practice.
StEPs-CT is based on the “Standards and Excellence Program for History Organizations” (StEPs), a national model curriculum developed by the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH). We’ve added a series of hands-on workshops, expert mentors who are on call to help with the rough spots and a competitive granting fund to support projects related to the program. The StEPs-CT program is the first in the nation to implement the StEPs curriculum on a statewide level.”


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