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Bikini Snowmobile Race?

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Yes! Not enough people stand up to this breast-cancer nonsense.
From a Financial standpoint, its been proven time after time those ‘help end breast cancer’ events hardly put any money into actual research. The funds just go towards better publicity for the next event. SMH


I was watching the news this morning just to see what the road conditions would be since we have a 2-hr delay at work today.

While waiting for traffic and weather, they started talking about a bikini snowmobile race. The news anchors (both male and female) thought it was such a cute, funny idea. I’m sorry, but I absolutely disagree.

I wrote a previous post that was similar to this one (see it here: https://peppermintfrostblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/15/why-do-we-only-support-breast-cancer/).

In this post, I talked about all of the breast cancer awareness products:

1. “Save the ta-tas” bumper stickers, shirts, you name it. Because “ta-tas” is how I’d like someone to refer to my breasts. Right. In most scenarios, women would be disgusted by a man calling her breasts “ta-tas,” but throw on the pink label and suddenly it’s okay.

download (1)

2. “I love boobies” bracelets, shirts, etc. Again, add the pink ribbon and nobody can…

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