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How Can I Blog and Tweet at You More Efficiently?

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We (yes you) have access to Web 2.0 and some of us don’t know how good we have it. And that includes me! I hardly remember what the web used to look like before it was all interactive.

The almighty Wikipedia is where I learned that Web 2.0 allows “users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community, in contrast to Web sites where people are limited to the passive viewing of content. Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking sites, blogs, wikis”, and video sharing sites. That is beyond mind boggling if you truly meditate on how a new version of the internet has connected the globe in a network that is endless.

If anyone wants to check out how websites used to look here is a link that might serve as a sort of time machine.

Web 2.0 lets the average user promote themselves ceaselessly. A quick Google search or two leads you to full descriptions on how to collect a following or online audience in a variety of social media formats. As I compare my budding digital persona to that of the bloggers on WordPress and to those who post to #twitterstorians, I see that I have been lacking in the quantity of posts that I should have to appear digitally alluring. So I aim to boost my blogs and Tweets.

As far as my personality that I portray online, I present myself in my blog and Twitter as a young professional on purpose. I do not, and will not pretend like I have years of experience as a curator or director. We all start somewhere and this is my beginning. Most days are simple and straightforward and other days prove to be a challenge. It is an honor to be able to share my experiences with the digital academics who are likely to be my only audience.

Here, on this blog site, I have included the URL for the museum website for where I work to cross promote and post the URL for a second Website or Social Media. Anyone can do this if you are in the field where you are comfortable with sharing where you work. It is fairly easy to get new followers to find your website and learn more about who you are.

In order to share my experiences and get Twitter attention I am learning to go fishing. What I mean is that, like Instagram, I rarely follow on Twitter but hope that others follow me. Those who are popular on Twitter seem to Favorite a Tweet they like, and then Reply with something positive. They engage in conversation when they are mentioned in a Tweet. I try to offer thanks for any Retweets and Retweet their comments or posts as well. I’ll follow through with my flimsy fishing metaphor in saying that gathering Followers seems to work like casting a wide net in a river of Hashtags and hoping to get a few good catches.


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