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No Websites Were Harmed in the Making of This Blog


What follows is my very judgey comparative review of a few websites from the Omeka showcase.

The Digital Dos Passos webpage has a fun home page. It is engaging as well as vivid. However, it extends down so far most people will have to scroll to the bottom to see it the repetitive Menu options. As the user browses the few items in the Browse “collections” section it becomes apparent that the page’s data being displayed is simple. The descriptions are a good attempt but, hardly professional.

I suppose that I should not be looking at the quality of the descriptions since a visitor to this site, will have no idea where to start anyway; the colors take up more attention then the menu.  It looks like it would be a better fit for a band or funky hipster restaurant with the greens, red and blue scheme that just muddy up the waters.

The Gothic-Past has a better set-up than the Digital Dos Passos webpage. I can see how, with its bright colors and bold font types that it is appealing. It looks professional and has many options such as a side-bar on the right that provides a visual draw. A user can let their own interests be the guide since many features are laid out. It is nice to see that they offer a “How To” page on Gothic-Past for the user to become familiar with the dashboard whether they are a Registered User or not.

I like the sleek simplicity set-up of the Nuptun page and would likely model any Omeka work that I would do after that site. It has clean lines with a professional feel. It is well organized for an immersive learning and search experience. You can switch with ease around the Collections, Exhibits and Research Options.


Author: greengoddesshistory

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3 thoughts on “No Websites Were Harmed in the Making of This Blog

  1. Glad to see another person thinks less is better when it comes to websites — I prefer a minimalist look.


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