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A Day in the Life of a Small Museum Employee

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10am- Sweet Mother of Pearl… I need a coffee

11:30- Punch in and open up two buildings. Scan the archive building and decide if it is going to be an office-bound day or a gallery day.

Noon- Realize that there is no way that I can just do one or the other.

12:17 Check emails and respond. These take forever some days but it is rewarding to stay in touch with colleagues and get projects moving along.

1:00 The Park Groundskeeper comes to to discuss reseeding the grass around the museum, the plans regarding the bathroom remodel updates, museum cleaning schedules and gossip.

2:45- Eat some microwaved vegetarian nonsense meal. Why did I become vegetarian this again? Was is for the tofu pot-pies?

3:07 Beginning working on taping trim in the gallery and corners to keep the museum painting going. It should be 100% by the end of the month.

3:30 Attempt to clock out to beginning the ritualistic battle with traffic on the way to the sacred center of learning (campus), but get caught up in a conversation with the Nature Center secretary about better forms of time clocks.

4:30-7:10 Class to continue my history and museum education.

8:30- At home checking personal emails and see a reporter has been kind enough to send me an e-copy of an article he wrote about a smoke shop in Connecticut.


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