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That Cigar Is Just a Big Cigarette, Right?

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Neat article on the basic differences of cigars and cigarettes.


Ever since I began enjoying cigars, I’ve had people in my life that worried about me and my health. Having seen the effects first hand of what years of cigarette smoking can do to someone, I’ve had to defend my lifestyle and the products that make it great.

I’ve always preached that my cigars are as natural as they come, with nothing added but love, time and craftsmanship. Having seen the entire process from beginning to end in Honduras, I had the opportunity to see first hand just how pure the process is.

But people still have their doubts.

I decided to do a little research to help put this comparison to bed. I was actually surprised at what I found. Now in full disclosure, I’d be ignorant to sit here and say that there are not health risks associated with cigars. Just like putting anything foreign into one’s body, there are risks and…

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